Tuesday, February 17, 2004

IETF Closes in on Linking Geographic Info, Presence

IETF Closes in on Linking Geographic Info, Presence: "Now, figures in the Internet communications community are working to take presence to the next level by creating a framework for merging users' location data into their presence information. That's long been viewed as a logical add-on to the basic availability data now available in most implementations of presence.
Within the Internet Engineering Task Force, the Geographic Location/Privacy Working Group (also known as GEOPRIV) has taken up the task of walking the line between establishing a means of disseminating geographic data that is subject to the same sorts of privacy controls as presence is today.
GEOPRIV is close to finalizing on a recommendation -- a Request for Comments, in IETF parlance -- for just such a system. That draft recommendation, authored by Neustar's Jon Peterson and known officially as 'A Presence-based GEOPRIV Location Object Format,' is actually based on earlier work done in formulating the basic requirements for presence data -- the Presence Information Data Format (PIDF). "

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