Thursday, July 03, 2003

Google Toolbar 'BlogThis' Rankles Rivals

Google Toolbar 'BlogThis' Rankles Rivals: "Search technology powerhouse Google has released a new beta of its popular Internet Explorer toolbar, adding bells and whistles for surfers. But the integration of a 'BlogThis' feature isn't sitting well with some blog software firms.
Just months after its acquisition of the Blogger 'push-button' Web publishing platform, Google has added a 'BlogThis' feature in version 2.0 of the toolbar. But because it's exclusive to Blogger users, rival firms are worried Google might use its wild popularity to sideline the competition.
'BlogThis' automatically connects to Blogger accounts to let uses create a Weblog post pointing to the page on the browser. But, that exclusivity means users of rival blogging software -- like Radio UserLand and Six Apart's Movable Type -- have been shut out completely.
UserLand CEO Dave Winer posted a mock blogger image Thursday, chiding Google for missing an opportunity to be generous to the Weblogging community."

[SAD] oops, I'm sorry I didn't know that businesses were supposed to be generous. It does demonstrate the strengths and weaknesses of concentrated power. Since Microsoft, supposedly, is focusing their sights on Google it will be interesting to see how Google uses its dominant position to squelch those nipping at its ankles.

Microsoft Unveils Collaborative Development Environment

Microsoft Unveils Collaborative Development Environment: "Moving to create a collaborative environment for .NET developers similar to what SourceForge offers for open source, Microsoft (Quote, Company Info) last week opened the doors to GotDotNet Workspace 1.0.
GotDotNet is Microsoft's community site related to its Microsoft Developers Network (MSDN). 'GotDotNet's focus is definitely on community features and content driven by the community,' Katherine Lagana, MSDN team, general manager of GotDotNet, told
Workspace is an online collaborative development environment where .NET developers can create, host and manage projects throughout the project lifecycle.
While many of the features of Workspace are similar to those offered through Microsoft's Sharepoint Services, Lagana said Workspace is not based on Sharepoint Services. "The origins are different," she said. "We're focused on hardcore coders who want to access each other across companies and continents. Sharepoint is targeted at all audiences. Workspace is dedicated to the developer."

[SAD] The model, whether it is competing against the open source world or just prep work for the larger outsourcing world, is a good one overall.

BBC NEWS | Technology | Tools reveal secret life of documents

BBC NEWS | Technology | Tools reveal secret life of documents: "Every time you write or edit these files you leave a trail of information revealing what you did and when you did it.
Even if you turn off the change tracking options in popular word processing packages, background tasks keep a minimal log of what happened when. "

"Mr Murfitt from Mekon said many firms were now looking at installing systems that make it easier to collaborate on documents and that log who did what. He said banking and legal regulators imposed strict working practices on firms that force them to record the life histories of documents that result in new products or are involved in court cases."

Microsoft offers free e-book downloads | CNET

Microsoft offers free e-book downloads | CNET "In a move aimed at bolstering the use of its Microsoft Reader program, the software giant announced on Wednesday that it would offer free downloads of e-book bestsellers over a 20-week period. "

"As part of the five-month promotion, users can download three e-books a week from Microsoft's Web site via a Pocket PC, a Tablet PC, a laptop or a desktop. A Short History of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson, The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan, and Fear Itself by Walter Mosley are among the titles offered."

[SAD] Hmm, three books a week for 5 months - OK, I'll give it a try!