Friday, September 12, 2003

AT&T to offer DSL in more areas | CNET

AT&T to offer DSL in more areas | CNET "The telecommunications giant on Thursday said it would offer digital subscriber line (DSL) service to customers in Massachusetts, Maryland, Virginia and New Jersey. The expansion builds on an announcement in July, when AT&T began offering DSL to customers in New York.
In each of these areas, pricing for the DSL service will be $19.95 for the first three months, and then $39.95 every month after. AT&T will offer a plan with faster download speeds for $49.95 a month as well. The charges are in addition to the normal cost of the phone service. All services will be offered through a partnership to resell DSL lines offered by Covad Communications. "

Somehow I think I'll still be an island floating outside the reasonable CO radius...but I can hope (2 years and counting on the Verizon 'call list' when they get DSL near my house)

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